Email marketing services operate using a standard set of technologies and approach that is applied to all users.

Since 123MailServices operates like your IT department, we are not restricted in this way and is able to use non-standard technologies and methods to get your emails through.

These include sending mulltiple SMTP servers, multiple domains, multiple IPs, IP rotation and varied sending speeds.

Over time we've found that a mixed and flexible approach gets the best results.

We do whatever it takes to get your marketing done while staying within the legal limits.

No single strategy in email marketing works for all recipient domains and addresses.

Often different strategies are needed for different lists, domains and content.

But, with most email sending services, you are stuck with a one size fits all solution that is expected to work for everything and everyone all of the time.

We analyse your needs, lists and campaign results, and work with you to employ different approaches on the weak points of your campaigs.

We work with you to continuously evolve and improve your strategy!

Often the IPs of the major sending services are tarnished by other users abusing their shared resources leading to a low success rates.

That's right, with shared resources, your emails often don't get through because of the spam other users send.  

With 123MailServices, all your SMTP servers and IPs are dedicated to you and not shared with our clients.

You are able to send with complete confidence.

The one caveat here is that only you can tarnish your IP and domain reputations!

Often email sending services include their branding and on your emails.

Third party branding from known email marketing companies not only detracts from your message, it enables filtering software to easily flag your emails.

With all branding and logos are yours; we work silently in the background on getting your emails through.

Most email marketing companies simply provide you a set of tools that is expected to work for you and everyone else. Think of us as your own private IT department strickly dealing with email. We setup and configure servers and IPs based on your needs and requirements. This is an ongoing process that often requires changing based on your campaign success, needs and requirements.