300x100Having a dedicated IP is a great start to getting your email into your recipient's inbox and will get you great results. Return Path's Certification program can significantly improve your deliverability by 21% and click through rate by 27%.

Return Path Certification enables your email to get past the spam filters of the major international ISPs- your messages, icluding images will get into more inboxes.

Return Path's Certified members receive numerous benefits, such as:

  • Improved email deliverability to:
    • Yahoo,
    • Microsoft,
    • Comcast,
    • Cox,
    • Cloudmark,
    • Yandex,
    • Mail.ru,
    • Orange,
    • Spamassassin and
    • SpamCop
  • Unblocked images and active links
  • Bypassing critical mailbox-provider filters
  • Leveraging real-time alerts and professional assistance

Return PathReturn Path's Certification pricing and fees is available here.

All certification fees are paid directly to Return PAth

123Mailservices offers a number of Return Path Certification ready dedicated SMTP servers. When you sign on to one of these plans, we will assist you in the certification process.


Return Path Certification Process

  • Sign up to one of our plans that are designed for Return Path Certification
  • We will start the certification process for you. You'll be directed to pay the certification application fee directly to Return Path
  • Your email marketing must conform to Return Path's Certification standards and requirements, which can be found here.
  • After 2-3 months, your account will be evaluated by Return Path. If all the requirments are met, certification can be made.
  • When you've recieved certification, Return Path's Annual fee is invoiced.

Non Profits

Non Profits sending under 250,000 emails per month are in a very unique position to get their accounts certifed and increase the effectiveness of their email campaigns for a one time cost of $200 (paid directly to Return Path). 

Sign up to our Certification ready non-profit plan here.