Dedicated SMTP servers

  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • North American IPs
  • Secured sending (TLS/SSL)
  • SMTP authentication
  • Reverse DNS (rDNS)
  • DKIM
  • SPF
  • IP monitoring
  • Configurable send rates

Lists, email creation and sending

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Multiple lists
  • Import/export lists
  • Subscribe embed code
  • Auto responders
  • Welcome and goodbye emails
  • WYSIWYG newsletter editor
  • Hundreds of templates
  • Add your own templates
  • Use our domain name

Reports and feedback

  • Real time tracking
  • Bounce & complaint handling
  • Unsubscribe handling
  • Beautiful reports
  • Opens
  • Click throughs
  • Countries
  • Export bounces, unsubscribes, etc.

Additional services

  • Email newsletter creation
  • Email template creation
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Content authoring
  • Campaign management
  • ReturnPath certification
  • IP whitelisting
  • DNS configuration (DKIM & SPF)
  • IP delisting


To preserve the reputation of your IPs and increase the deliverability of your emails, we rotate the IPs in your pool every couple seconds:

  • Low send rate - Helps keep the effective send rate for an IP comparatively low.
  • Reputation management - One IP does not flood the receiving server with emails; reducing the chances of the IP getting flagged or blocked
  • Improved deliverability - Emails have a better chance of getting into the recipients inbox

Email Server A well managed dedicated SMTP server will:

  • Increase email open rate
  • Increase click through rate
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Increase Revenue!

With 123mailservices, your emails are sent through its own dedicated SMTP server with:

  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Stand by IP addesses
  • IP reputation management
  • DKIM record
  • DMARC record
  • Reverse DNS (rDNS)
  • Dedicated resources (CPU, RAM and storage)

This SMTP server is only for your use, available only for your email to your clients. Its not shared with anyone else who may be sending spam emails. This maintains the reputation and credibility of the server and improves the chances of your emails getting into your recipient's inbox.

Our Email marketing system comes with extensive and beautiful reports which includes:

  • Opens
  • Click throughs
  • bounces
  • Complaints
  • Countries

all with charts and data. You can also export segments of subscribers from your report. report

Unsubscribes, bounces and complaints are automatically handled as they happen once your email marketing message has been sent. 123mailservices handling

With 123Mailservices, you can manage your lists and subscribers easily:

  • Multiple lists
  • Add/remove users online or through CSV uploads
  • Custom fields
  • Double opt-in
  • Customer subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page
  • Thank you and good bye emails
  • Add subscribers using embedded code in your site
  • API Access lists

Using our custom fields, you can personalize your newsletter to your subscriber, creating more effective campaigns.

123mailservices custom fields

Using our autoresponders, you can create drip campaigns to follow up with your subscribers, schedule and send an email when ever you like or a one off email at a specific date. This helps in keeping your subscribers engaged and your business at the top of their minds. autoresponders