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Dedicated Resources gives better results!

Most email marketing companies send your campaigns on shared servers and IP addresses.

Poor actions by other users often leads to these servers and IPs getting flagged or blocked, resulting in your campaigns perforing poorly.

123MailServices provides you with dedicated servers and IP addresses which has the following advantages :

  • Better Results:  With no other users abusing the IPs and servers you send on, you can expect consistently better results.
  • Reputation Management:  Dedicated resources means that other users on it, which lets you keep the reputation of your servers in good standing which results in consistently high delivery rates.
  • Stand-by IPs and servers:  Your IPs can end up with poor reputations, flagged or banned for any number of reasons. Which results your emails not getting delivered. With 123MailServices, you can swap in clean IPs as needed, keep sending normally while they delisted and rested.

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